Rubber Flooring

Kodiak Sports’ rubber flooring provides the best quality recycled interlocking and rolled rubber flooring around. Our flooring comes in 4 foot wide rolls and 4 different thicknesses to suit a wide range of applications. We can also supply a range of colors and patterns so our flooring can complement an existing or desired room design.

Our rubber flooring products are made from commercial grade high density rubber and are manufactured to the highest standard. They are easy to clean, emit no odor, are straightforward to install and will last years if looked after properly.

From as little as $1.05 a square foot, you can completely change how a room looks, acts, feels and performs. By using Kodiak Sports rubber flooring, you’re buying the best rolled rubber around. It is designed to offer practical grip, a solid but pliant surface and a high performance floor covering for any room.

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Kodiak Sports’ rubber flooring rubber flooring includes:

  • Rolled rubber flooring
  • Rubber flooring tiles
  • Cross fit flooring
  • Rubber flooring adhesive
  • Rubber flooring maintenance products

Kodiak rubber flooring is designed for use in weight rooms, schools, ice arenas, home gyms, garages more. It is also backed by a full 5 year wear warranty. That’s how confident we are of the build quality and materials used in our flooring products!

Kodiak Sports rubber flooring comes in four thicknesses, ¼”, 5/16th”, 3/8” and 1/2”. We can provide black, black with colored flecks or new 90% colored rubber flooring. If you don’t see the color you want, contact us and let us know. As we manufacture our own products, we’re sure we can help!

Kodiak Sports provides pro quality rubber flooring and sports equipment to professional sports teams, local organizations, national brands and commercial organizations around the country. We would be more than happy to work with you too!

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