Field Savers/Covers

Field savers and covers

Kodiak Sports manufactures and supplies a range of field savers and covers to help keep your practice areas and playing fields protected. Each is made from high quality materials such as waterproof vinyl or our very own ArmorMesh. Each is hard-wearing, weatherproof and able to protect your grass.

For field savers and covers that won’t let you down, Kodiak Sports are the guys to call!

The Kodiak Sports range of field savers and covers includes:

  • Mesh infield guards
  • Field and mound covers
  • Full infield covers
  • Field collar kits

Kodiak mesh infield guards

The Kodiak mesh infield guards are designed to protect infield grass during batting practice and infield drills. Each is made from hard-wearing ArmorMesh or our standard mesh covered in resistant vinyl. Kodiak ArmorMesh fabric is the most durable mesh material available anywhere. Featuring a 642% high abrasion resistance it really does take some beating!

Field and mound covers

If you’re looking to keep your pitching mound, home plate or bases protected, this is the cover you need. Coming as either weighted or non-weighted, our field and mound covers are made from professional grade 18oz vinyl and are designed to last.

Full infield covers

Our range of quality full infield covers are ideal for protecting your practice or playing field from the elements. Each is designed to offer maximum protection from the weather while being easy to roll out and remove.

Field collar kits

The Kodiak Sports field collar kits are there to add that essential protection when you need it most. Manufactured from our own ArmorMesh, the three piece collars can protect your practice areas and playing field from harm.

Kodiak Sports’ supplies top quality sports surfaces to professional sports teams, local organizations, national brands and commercial entities. We would be happy to work with you too. If you need help or advice, feel free to contact us on the number at the top of the page. We’re here to help!

Contact Kodiak Sports today for pro quality field savers and covers at unbeatable prices!